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Established in 2006 in Taipei, Telos Audio Design Co., Ltd. is one of the distinguished audio product...


New!GNR Mini

你我都負擔得起Telos GNR Mini主動式接地機

醞釀超過兩年,Telos GNR主動式接地機Mini版終於推出了!…《更多詳細內容》

New!QNR 3.1 + GNR 3.1 Mini

在鎗王兄聽過GNR mini 3.1既威力,本來打算問佢借。


New!Hi-End Show

The 2017 TAA International Hi-End Hi-Fi Show August 17-20, 2017  

Grounding Noise Reducer

Grounding facility has always been there for the sole purpose of safety. For example, shock hazard prevention, lightning protection, noise shielding and other functions. In an audio setup, the effectiveness of the grounding facility has an immediate impact on the


Jeff Lin is the operator and owner of TELOS Quantum technique. Jeff’s innovative use of unique technique in the world of Hifi is due to his vast experience and knowledge in electronic products. In recent years, he has developed a