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2021 X Series

Macro Noise Reducer

QNR, combination of resonance and Noise and transform into light.

Macro N 011

Classic heirs

A decade integration

TELOS R&D team used letter X as the main concept to outline a brand new and fasion outlook.MacroN is built-in special made energy-efficient power module to supply stable power for Processor.

When Processor supplied stable power, it means it is able to provide the more accurate compensation, moreover, greatly narrow down the circuit area.

Macro N015
Macro N013


Macro N and the classic QNR both are adapted the same Processor to provide the compensation.

Mature technique

Macro N has the circuit planning of complete devolved technique and carries the 15th anniversary module to provide the best circuit enhancement.The Macro series corresponds the streaming generation.

The brand new X series case has complete the perfect structural strength in order to decrease the sound effect caused by the case of defective resonant frequency.Adapted the same logic chip as QNR.

The new design power supply module can correspond 100-240V.

Macro N014

Perfect compensation

in the digital streaming generation

  • Small size, great effect
  • Complete devolved technique and carry the 15th anniversary module
  • New generation – new compensation effect.


  • Nude packed size:13.5 x 5.5 x 2.5(cm)
  • Nude packed weight:0.2kg
  • Packaged size:20.5 x 15 x 6.5(cm)
  • Packed weight:0.6kg