Macro Q

Improving USB Audio Quality

Developing of USB transmission is for connecting computer peripherals, not for audio to transport music signal.

Frequently, it appends computer’ s high-frequency noise of AC power.Although the data could be correcting by buffer and Asynchronous Transmission, the jitter of bottom layer’ s physical signal is very high. Still a long way from the real Jitter-Free.


Here are two keys

  1. It appends computer’ s high-frequency noise of AC power, interfering device’ s digital, even analog signal after DAC.
  2. Bottom layer’ s Jitter is too high, it couldn’ t output the real bit perfect’ s original signal. Regardless of use any purity and material conducted only could improve slightly. Status of not any active circuits to inhibit noise, signal’ s quality will not be affect by any materials to change.

Macro Quantum

USB active noise cancelling just like the DV Triaxial Stabilizer of USB.

By detection circuit to detect noise initiative and send compensation correction signal, making irregular noise be offset synchronously, so it could offer a relatively stable USB transmission channel to offset the signal traction which causes by noise.


Noise Trap and Signal Optimization

Telos Engineering Team uses two special IC to detect and compensate. Plug in Macro Q, connecting with USB channel immediately, the special IC could detect random noise and make dynamic noise trap, achieving the purity of the real transmission signal, thus reduce the loss of the front to back’s transport.

Macro Q could send the currently calibrated high speed reverse signal, it completely consistent with transmission path’ s dynamic noise.

As the result, only if add new digital device, or Macro Q will maintain synchronize precision for holding signal transmission’ s high quality.


  • Nude packed size:3 x 5 x 1(cm)
  • Nude packed weight:0.15 kg
  • Packaged size:10 x 21 x 2(cm)
  • Nude packed weight:0.186 kg