Macro G

Macro Grounding Noise Reducer

Classic heritage

Collection of ten years of great success

The TELOS R&D team took the X-shaped mother as the idea, and outlined a new and fashionable appearance curve

MacroG has built-in customized high-performance power modules to supply stable power to the CPU

The CPU obtains a stable power supply, which means it can supply a more accurate ground reference, and greatly reduces the circuit area

Patented active technology

MacroG and classic GNR use the same CPU, providing the same accurate reference potential

Mature technology

MacroG has a completely technically decentralized circuit plan, equipped with 15th anniversary modules to enhance the highest performance for the circuit.

The GNR series can also correspond to the bayonet of the streaming generation.

The new Macro G has two sets of USB Type A ports, which can correspond to two USB interface audio equipment, can also be connected to HDMI equipment through a special USB-HDMI dedicated cable

The new X-series chassis architecture achieves perfect structural strength and reduces the sound impact caused by the poor resonance frequency of the chassis for MacroG. It uses the same logic chip as GNR

The engineering team newly designed the power supply module to correspond to 100-240V

Digital streaming generation can also be perfectly grounded

Although the size is small, the effect is macro

Technology is fully decentralized, equipped with 15th anniversary technology

A new generation-a new sense of grounding


Nude packed size

  • Length:13.5 cm
  • Width:5.5 cm
  • Height:2.5 cm
  • Weight:0.3 kg

Packaged size

  • Length:20.5 cm
  • Width:15 cm
  • Height:6.5 cm
  • Weight:0.8 kg