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Gold Plated

High Purity Copper XLR to RCA Adaptor

To make this adaptor, special copper alloy and accurate CNC manufacturing process are used. High precision latch is used to improve the tightness and increase the surface of contact between connector and equipment .

connectgold 04
connectgold 05

Thus, solving the tolerance issue from using older traditional adaptors Internally, Gold Reference series interconnect cable is used, the same cable that brought TELOS to fame. By giving better contact and virtually lossless transmission, TELOS adaptor is definitely your first choice.


Pure Copper Gold Plated Cable Stand

Looking at the available products in the market today, there is almost no cable stand that is designed and made with high density materials.

Jeff was particularly concerned on the performance of these products.The lighter materials used would not be very effective in controlling resonance within the cable that is supported.

Hence, Jeff of Telos Audio Design set out to design and make in what Jeff believes to be the most ideal cable stand. Again, with a strong fundamental and unwavering belief in copper’s resonance control properties, Jeff chose high purity solid copper block as the starting base for the design.


With a blueprint in mind, a prototype was produced to test and prove the effectiveness of the design. A 1.2kg copper block was milled to shape down to a weight of 780g and took more than 2 hours each. It was indeed a high cost and laborious job, Jeff would not even set out to prototyping if he was not sure!

The results were indeed encouraging!They were close to the ideal sound and effectiveness that Jeff intended. But it was not enough. With a non-compromising standard, Jeff went back to the blueprint and started refining them. The dimensions and groove curvature were reevaluated to stretch the performance.


Finally, Jeff was ready for another prototyping and a final one, Jeff promised. With the improved design, it brought smiles to those who were involved in the evaluations.

The bass was articulate, the midrange was open and the high was lucid. With unprecedented low level details, finely gauged micro dynamics and vast dynamic contrast, it was indeed a monumental achievement.

The cable stand you see and hear today is the final result of Telos Audio Design’s redefinition of what an ideal cable stand should be. Milled to minute precision, polished to perfection and finished to flawless classiness with 24k gold plating, be prepared for a whole new dimension of musical experience!


  • Nude packed size:6.5 x 4.5 x 4 (cm)
  • Nude packed Weight:0.7kg