Quantum Noise Resonator

QNR V5.1

After a long term research by Telos Audio Design founder Jeff Lin. Telos has found some way to make GNR performs much better than it used to be. Which is Version 5.1 upgrade.

For the version 5.1 upgrade, We are doing parts specially selection, By a high accurate way(similar to what FM acoustic does) And this takes effort by only two engineers with such ability.And by this way, we can only have 1 part being approved out of 16 parts (1/16 chance) This takes many times and we will drop all the unselected parts.Which is where the costs from. Until now, we have purchased more than 10,000 parts and select one by one. only hundreds of parts are been selected.

In Taiwan market trial run, We have more than 20 customers made the upgrade(and it is growing), In our average feedback, from these customers, They mentioned the upgrade is like 300%~500% improvement. We even have customer said that the upgrade range, Is like adding USD30,000 audio tuning accessories to the system.



This is the very first time a circuit design which is a combination of resonance and Noise and transform into light!

The Internal quantum modules is combined with eight resonate channel and a core processor, the engineer detect the power outlet wave type by internal IC, and generates instant synchronous phase distortion compensation which is made for the beautification waveform through precise resonance and reduce phase distortion.

Based on the noise and surges with energy conversion circuit design, it manufactures the difference of noise above 1KHz and make it fall into light energy!

Thus a whole new audio processing technology-QNR has been released, The actual listening experience to the sound system make more sense and focus on, more precise audio clarity, the whole background is black and silence, music is enhanced with more charm and smoothness.

Since TELOS QNR using parallel circuit design, so there is no limitation in power ampere that is caused on traditional series processor, QNR is able to provide high-wattage electricity, no dynamic depression, reduce detail, sound dry, sound field narrow… such side effect caused due to excessive pursuit of power crunch.

This is one audio dedicated power processor that has been developed in perfect balance, and is built for the essential of music, and has spent for years, without any compromise of the actual listening and tuning.



  • Nude packed size:18X13.5X4 cm,1.8 kg
  • Packaged size:25.7X25.5X6 cm,2.3 kg


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