Quantum Damping

The quantum spacer is a film made of 11 different chemical materials mixed with silicone.

The main components are graphene, rare earth and various materials that produce far infrared rays.

Graphene is the latest invisible coating that is widely used in military applications, especially product for jaw-shaped fighters, with its strong shielding properties. Rare earth is a major material widely used in industrial, defense, metal, and optical production. It has excellent physical properties of light electromagnetics.

Telos mixes these ten different chemical materials in a special proportion in the silicone to become a magical sound tuning product QDP (Quantum Damping Sheet)

The use of QDP is very simple, just need to place it above or below the audio equipment directly. In addition, due to the different concentrations of the ink of “Telos” trademark that coated on the QDP surface, the different placement positions and angles can cause different changes in sound quality which according to the personal taste.

QDP comes in three different sizes, including the smallest iPhone size, B5 and A4. The smallest iPhone size is recommended to use on the portable Player. The B5 size is recommended for small devices such as the network player LPS, Phono Amp, etc. And the largest A4 size is recommended to use on per-amp CDPs.


quantum damping

quantum damping

quantum damping



  • Large:295X208mm
  • Meddle:208X147mm
  • Small:57X97mm
  • Thickness:1mm

Packaged size

  • Large:349X230mm
  • Meddle:170X275mm
  • Small:135X77mm
  • Thickness:1mm