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Real-time phase correction and noise reduction

Monster Active Cable

New Launch in 2024

Through MAC, you can feel the lowest noise, the strongest dynamics, the most complete information, and obtain the layers and trajectories of low and ultra-low frequencies, spatial reverberation and sense of air, silent background blackness, and clear sound.

Lines and contours, smooth lines, high cohesion of audio and video, precise and clear sense of solidity, distinct strength and weakness, transparent and sweet tone, soft texture and other sound quality performances. All this comes from Telos’ new era of reference-level technology integration.

Advanced technologies

monster active cable Material


MAC is made of 6061 aerospace aluminum shell, with a multi-chip low-resonance chassis design.

It is equipped with Telos’ exclusive Quantum resonance circuit inside, which can effectively suppress AC high-frequency noise and 50-60Hz frequency peak surges, and equipped with passive PF, Danish Duelund customized capacitors, precision chip resistors, Telos conductor absolute directional manufacturing, graphene fuses, special solder formula, torque driver locking screws and other technologies.

monster active cable Signal


Online phase correction and noise reduction:

The MAC’s shell is cut and formed from aerospace aluminum alloy, with 6-sided segmentation suppression technology, and extremely low chassis resonance to ensure the integrity of power transmission. Contains the exclusive Quantum phase correction module, PF correction circuit and high-frequency anti-noise circuit to improve power loop efficiency and suppress abnormal frequencies.

QNR phase correction module:

Continuously detects and compares the 60 Hz (or 50Hz) power supply, and sends out a reverse signal to couple the phase-misaligned power supply back to the sine wave waveform, with remarkable effect.

monster active cable Direction


Component compliance principle:

All components installed on the module comply with Telos’s component selection rules, ensuring that resistors and non-polar capacitors are installed in one direction, and the audio and video are clear and embossed.

Absolute conductor directionality:

MAC’s ground conductors are arranged in the same direction to optimize sound transmission.

monster active cable Crafts


Special soldering formula:

SMD circuit boards automatically produced by machines need to be compared repeatedly, and soldering of specific temperatures is added to different components, and the solder joints are manually strengthened to improve the integrity of AC power transmission and enhance sound performance.

Torque screwdriver locking screw:

Use an electronic torque screwdriver to lock the screw to ensure balanced force on the metal clip, improve wire impedance and conduction effects, and make the sound more balanced and smooth.