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The ultimate grounding solution developed for top-tier
audio enthusiasts was unveiled in 2022

grounding monster Targeting top audio

Incorporating Telos latest fifteenth-anniversary technology, along with the technical functionalities of its other products, it has forged a monstrous active grounding device.

The GNR flagship edition


is the result of 15 years of Telos integration of grounding technology and understanding of sound.

Based on the core of the standard GNR, it features the addition of four sets of “QMT” modules and two sets of “QRC” modules to increase grounding points, as well as evolved core power transformers and critical capacitors, an upgraded body texture, wider PCB pathways with larger conductor volumes, and optimized operating components.

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grounding monster Is

This flagship grounding machine was built with the German TIDAL La Assoluta flagship system as a reference for sound listening, comprehensively improving sound detail presentation.

grounding monster Gs

Origin of the Grounding Monster

GNR Grounding Noise Reducer

  • More grounding points
  • Ample power supply
  • Enhanced passive components
  • Greater PCB conductor volume
  • Optimized operational components
  • Heavier and thicker chassis
grounding monster Es

Brand New Special Customized 630v High Voltage Tin Foil Duelund CAST

grounding monster critical capacitor
grounding monster Cs

Customized 40W Core Power Transformer

grounding monster core transformer
grounding monster Ds

Composite Functions Antenna Module
4 sets of QMT broadband electromagnetic field demagnetizer/harmonizer modules

grounding monster composite antenna
grounding monster Fs

12 hole sites WBT-0703 CU Nextgen separate ground terminals and separate ground lines

grounding monster Core ground loop

For Safety and Sound Clarity

Grounding” in the electronic field is a necessary safety design for high-voltage electrical products. Its primary purpose is to quickly divert current to the ground when appliances generate leakage or induce charges. This ensures that the casing of electrical equipment remains uncharged, thereby protecting personnel. In the realm of audio, however, grounding serves not only for personnel safety but also for effectively eliminating noise, thus enhancing the sound quality of audio systems, making the sound more pure and engaging.

With technologies such as QMT Quantum Magnetism, Telos V5.1 Schumann Waves, and QNR Quantum Noise Reduction, the Grounding Monster can start delivering results as soon as it is powered on in an ungrounded state. This provides enthusiasts of large-scale systems with a grounding device that offers greater capacity and more connection points.


  • Grounding connectors:12 x WBT nextgen™ WBT-0703 Cu pole terminal
  • Power input:100-120V or 200-240V
  • Nude packed size:48.5 x 46 x 17 (cm)
  • Nude packed weight:45kg
  • Packaged size:63 x 55 x 39(cm)
  • Packaged weight:68kg