Quantum Magnetic Tuning








- A Familiar Product‧with a breakthrough approach -

Made for music lovers, our all new magnetic harmonizer for CD/SACD/DVD/Blu-ray.Telos Product Team has painstakingly designed the Quantum Magnetic Tuning (QMT) device for the musical refinement and pristine background noise that you strive for while listening to music. The Product Team has made a huge technical leap by combining the Quantum Burn-in Technology’s (QBT) ultra-wide bandwidth run-in signal with the Quantum Acoustics Diffusor’s (QAD) alpha-wave generation technology. From conceptual inception to physical design, the Product Team has succeeded in emitting the 0 - 100 KHz ultra-wide bandwidth QBT signal through the antenna specially designed for QAD. Even though the approach this time around differs greatly with our previous Quantum products, we are sure that upon firstuse, it would not be hard for anyone to discover the versatility and ease-of-use of the new QMT device. The freedom to fine tune your setup is just boundless.With the new QMT device, any detrimental magnetism can easily be harmonized into more even and higher range magnetic field.You might not have seen a QMT device at first, but you are sure to have ideas already the moment you are handed one. The possibilities in using the QMT device to improve the sound are almost endless. The music media, the headphones, the earphones and the cables can easily be harmonized using the QMT device. Your imagination is the only limit.Unlike any traditional demagnetizing device, which uses a fixed 60 Hz degaussing frequency, our
QMT device uses frequency range as high as SACD is capable of reproducing. The improvements has to be heard to be believed. Furthermore, the QMT device is programmable, making it simple to use. You can choose the duration by simply pressing the button on the QMT device.


- Ultra-wide 0 - 100 KHz bandwidth, the widest there is in any demagnetizer -

Unlike any traditional demagnetizing device, which uses a fixed 60 Hz degaussing frequency, our QMT device uses frequency range as high as SACD is capable of reproducing. The improvements has to be heard to be believed. Furthermore, the QMT device is programmable, making it simple to use. You can choose the duration by simply pressing the button on the QMT device.


- Wireless operation‧versatile and convenient -

The specially made lithium-ion battery has got a capacity of 3.7 V 18.5 Wh. With just a single charge,
the QMT device is capable of emitting 800 cycles of ultra-wide bandwidth harmonizing signal, 10 seconds for each cycle. The QMT device is equipped with a high-precision charging system and indicator light, giving you hassle free operations up to months.



The control button is also strategically positioned to give you the smoothest operation and tactile feedback.There is a 4-bit CPU installed in the QMT device and is firmware upgradeable. The firmware allows you to customize the operation at the touch of a button.Let’s endow your beloved music media with our 0 - 100 KHz ultra-wide bandwidth harmonizing signal to bring you the best sound reproduction.You can surely find more musical enjoyment from our extensive range of Quantum products. Make full use of the QMT device, unleash your creativity, reach the new level of audio realism.Telos QMT lets you get creative and explore new possibilities on its application to your heart’s content.


Dimension: 215mmx180mmx20mm

Weight: 1.15kg



Quantum X2 Fuse








With Quantum X2, greater bandwidth and finer details can be easily achieved. Telos design and research team rolls out a new process to produce Quantum X2. The new Quantum X2 will enable you to experience an improvement to sonic performance compared to conventional fuses. It allows you to enjoy the correct and precise characteristic of your equipment with finer details and enriched musical emotions. With Quantum X2, it will unleash the fullest potential of your equipment.

The process of producing Quantum X2 fuses is very important and every step cannot be disregarded. Every Quantum X2 fuse undergoes:

  1. -196ºC cryo process to achieve maximum stress relief of the highest requirement caused by soldering and molecular sequence alloy conductor distribution during production of fuse. Quantum X2 fuse are cryoed twice at -196ºC under precise controlled environment (with a resting period of 12 hours in between).

  2. The Quantum X2 are all run in using Telos 3rd generation Quantum Burning Technology (QBT) which has a frequency response of 0-100khz. The Quantum X2 fuses are run in with 27V, 0.8A, 70 watts power module continuously at broadband width signals to optimize its fuse conductor. This process enables stability in transmission of power.

  3. Telos Quantum X2 also uses the in-house developed special red stickers. Every Quantum X2 red stickers contains patented formula infra-red powder (which undergoes 36 hours of cryogenic process at -196oC), patented formula negative ion powder, titanium dioxide photocatalyst materials, silica wafer insulation coating material, pentoxide antistatic agent material, calcium oxide CAO desiccant material, zironia filter material and alumina structural ceramic material. Official test reports from SGS proves that Quantum X2 exclusive formula is not harmful to humans as it is unleaded and free from highly polluted elements.

In conclusion, Quantum X2 possesses the most exclusive scientific formula from TELOS and has the highest dynamic contrast amongst TELOS products. It has 50% larger dynamic bandwidth than current QBT-18 fuses and also incorporates specially formulated far-infrared, anion powder and physical elements. With Quantum X2, you are able to hear extreme music resolution and livelier music atmosphere with a darker music background. Be it the source, preamp or power amplifier, the performance will be enhanced to a level you can ever imagine.



Quantum Sticker



















Jeff Lin is the operator and owner of TELOS Quantum technique. Jeff’s innovative use of unique technique in the world of Hifi is due to his vast experience and knowledge in electronic products. In recent years, he has developed a series of phase recovery electronic circuits and grounding arithmetical operations; always having inspiration of the latest trend in technology.


Each and every of his creation took years to research and develop, hence all TELOS products are of the highest quality and precision. The all new TELOS Quantum X2 technique in recent years has been implemented in every TELOS product.


TELOS have vast experiences in Hifi tuning and have undergone several iterations to perfect the Quantum X2 material formula.


Ever since 2012, TELOS have started applying Quantum X2 formula onto the cable insulation of the Gold Reference Mk2 cables and have achieved good market response and consumers’ feedback. Since then the Quantum X2 technique usage had been expanded. In 2014, the Quantum X2 formula have been applied to PVC; molded through injection molding, it was applied onto TELOS most saleable Protective Caps, thus creating the 2nd generation caps named the Quantum Caps. Again, this was well received from audiophiles throughout the world. After 2014, Quantum X2 technique have been applied throughout TELOS hot selling products such as Quantum Noise Resonator (QNR), Mini Q, Ground Noise Resonator (GNR) and Quantum Magnetic Technology device which is currently still in the design phase.


At present, all TELOS electronic product have been integrated with Quantum X2 technique; on printed circuits boards’ insulation, electronic parts to eliminate electrostatic discharge and improve on the components’ efficiency and overall Hifi system performance.

All Quantum Stickers product is suitable for all audio system and can be easily applied. By applying the Quantum Stickers at cable interconnect sections, IC chips, capacitors and resistors, this quickly allows worldwide audiophiles and music lovers to experience the advantage of Hifi tuning with ease. Comparing the Quantum X2 with the current tuning products available on the market, Quantum X2 can easily improve your Hifi and home theatre system, helping them reached their optimal performance.











TELOS Quantum X2 products offers you a risk free trial. All Quantum X2 products comes with a one month 100% refund guarantee if you deem the product ineffective. Telos Quantum X2 Technique uses far-infrared element, anion ore which includes chemical and physical elements combined formula.


Quantum X2 material formula was initially used for medical purposes and in manufacturing of semi conductor. This was then channeled into TELOS product design after Jeff Lin’s years of experimentation and manufacturing of products.

From the mass amount of Quantum X2 users’ experiences on their Hifi system feedbacks gathered; “the cleanliness and transparency of the signals have immediately achieve a big difference”. This is because any audio system which uses electricity are affected by electrostatic charge and the traditional methods for removing electrostatic charge were electrical grounding route planning with positive and negative ions generator and adverse electrostatic charge; an example will be static fan and negative ion generator.


Quantum X2 products actively produce energy to stimulate the electronic components. Once powered up, Quantum X2 resonance will be delivered to the rest of the audio equipment via current and optimizes the entire audio system’s electron and proton characteristic. Every Quantum X2 applied on the signal transmission path of audio equipment and cables produces 75cpm of far-infrared radiation and high density negative ions to further eliminate electrostatic charge within the audio equipment. The far-infrared and negative ions energy spread throughout the entire system via the signal transmission path improves music playback atmosphere, soundstage, timbre, dynamics and musical fidelity to a certain standard.


Every Quantum X2 stickers contains patented formula infra-red powder (which undergoes 36 hours of cryogenic process at -196oC), patented formula negative ion powder, titanium dioxide photocatalyst materials, silica wafer insulation coating material, pentoxide antistatic agent material, calcium oxide CAO desiccant material, zironia filter material and alumina structural ceramic material.

Official test reports from SGS proves that Quantum X2 exclusive formula is not harmful to humans as it is unleaded and free from highly polluted elements.



TELOS Grounding Noise Reducer








Grounding facility has always been there for the sole purpose of safety. For example, shock hazard prevention, lightning protection, noise shielding and other functions.


In an audio setup, the effectiveness of the grounding facility has an immediate impact on the background noise. This translates to poor sound quality and greatly worsens the listening experience.


Present Situation
It is almost impossible to get satisfactory grounding facility, let alone one that meets the requirements for audio use. Most of the time, they only adhere to the minimum safety requirements. The common ones have the Neutral wire and the Ground wire connected together, or there is no Ground on the receptacles, leaving the Ground wire unconnected. This allows noise from the home appliances to pollute the Neutral wire, hence, causing interference. Electrical appliances like inverter air conditioner and those with switching power supplies, like computer, generate the highest level of interference.


When the electrical reference point is polluted with noise, it could get into the signal path and you could hear it as noise. The noise could potentially enter the digital circuit and cause bit error.


The Pros and Cons of Passive Audio Grade Grounding Box
Passive grounding boxes out there are made using materials with good conductivity like copper plates, copper rods, copper mesh, mineral powder or some composite substance. The good point about the passive, simulated Ground is that it is very easy to make. In fact, most of them can be made easily.


The challenge is that passive grounding could only alleviate voltage change. They are not able to provide near Ground reference voltage. Hence, it is not able to quickly stabilize the fluctuating potential difference between the audio equipment. This could be liken as ships on the ocean, always floating, the Ground reference is never stable enough.

At the same time, the properties of the minerals or electrolyte will change over time and need to be serviced on a regular basis. This includes material replacement, realignment, or replenishing of the electrolyte before the effectiveness could be restored again.


TELOS GNR Active Grounding Box
Due to the above limitations, TELOS brings new meaning to grounding implementation. And this has been proven to be the most elegant way for any audio setup.


TELOS technical team analyzes audio equipment from a unique perspective. Every audio equipment uses power transformer in order to operate at the correct internal voltage. Hence, each equipment is said to have the primary side and secondary side. The primary side is from the power receptacle, all the way to the input of the transformer. The secondary side is from the output of the transformer to the circuit board. The audio circuitry remains within the secondary side.


TELOS technical team proposes the use of CPU within the GNR to calculate and generate high precision Ground reference voltage. Grounding is achieved by connecting the audio equipment to the binding posts of TELOS GNR that carry the Ground reference voltage. By doing so, GNR is able to truly correct the Ground reference point for the equipment chassis, audio circuitry and the Ground connection.

Using the same analogy as a high precision digital clock, GNR generates low distortion Ground reference voltage, giving each equipment a consistent reference point. When the audio setup is operating on a singular Ground potential, the signal transmission becomes least impeded, avoiding any transmission loss due to polarity mismatch and bit error. Therefore, truly achieving the best transmission possible.


TELOS GNR Active Grounding Box comes with Ground cables of the same materials. Thus each equipment is having the same grounding impedance characteristics, this greatly reduces the likelihood of coloration.

By having an isolated Ground for your audio setup, the effect is as good as having a dedicated power line. Through the GNR generated Ground potential serving only your audio setup, noise will be totally isolated.


Dimension: 390mmx240mmx60mm

Weight: 7.5kg



TELOS MINI Quantum Resonator









The latest sound tuning device from Telos Audio Design, incorporating the 6 core technologies of Telos Audio Design


When you use Mini Q, you will experience our unprecedented technologies :

  1. Mini Q was born based on the trickled down technical know-how from our higher range product, QNR. The components were rearranged and optimized to produce an active phase compensation circuit that fits into a 5 cm by 2.5 cm board. From the in-house engineers' testing to our early beta testers' evaluation, we were able to conclude that the effectiveness of Mini Q is close to 70% of QNR.
  2. All the components of Mini Q, the top cover, fuse, male plug and all were run-in using our 0-100 KHz ultra wide bandwidth QBT run-in technologies. The ultra wide frequency sweep was aimed at maximizing the full potential of the components.
  3. Based on the "material resonance feedback" concept, we developed our best selling product, the protective cap, using precious metals of gold and platinum. The Mini Q's top cover was created by enlarging our second-generation RCA cap's design scale. The top cover was plated with Palladium, a precious metal that has been acknowledged to have sweet timbre quality, refinement and smooth tonal texture. The QBT run-in top cover was then connected to the ground pin to influence the "sounding" of the ground point in the audio system.
  4. Kanon DTDK-n50ex Digital Torque Driver was used to assemble the Mini Q. The servo-controlled high-precision screwdriver was able to apply closely matched torque force onto all screw-in points. Thus eliminating unnecessary structural stress that could compromise sound quality.
  5. The circuit board also went through 36 hours of -196 degree Celsius cryogenic treatment. This aims to reduce welding stress on the components by harmonizing the molecular distribution of the solder. Hence, allowing smoother operation of the SMD circuit.
  6. Telos Q, a proprietary insulating rubber made of far infrared material, was used throughout as circuit insulation. Other than ensuring safe insulation, the circuit board is continuously exposed to 280 cpm of far infrared emission that optimizes the work efficiency of the electronic components.











Dear audio lovers, regarding no-fuse switches, do you still stand for using power lines and switches with few limited choices from the market?


Then, you should try our brand new item: power switch set: TELOS QBT-199 developed by TELOS team. This brand new item: QBT-199 is based on the ideas from audio lovers. Of course, it is an essential product for them.


1‧The body is produced with the switches, which are usually used for French Ferraz Shawmut manufacture machines.

2‧The safety fuse is produced with the fuses, which are usually used for Bussmann instruments.

3‧Each switch body and safety fuse is progressed through 36 hours of controlling temperature and cryogenic treatment

  under 196 degree Celsius.

4‧Each switch body and safety fuse is swept frequently through the exclusive TELOS QBT ultra bandwidth RUN machine

  with 0-100hz 8amp current repeatedly for 199 hours. (about 8 days for the ripening period)


Overall performance of QBT-199 is much better than other brands in the market, such as Fuji, Siemens, and other suppliers for the no fuses-switches.


To the power set lovers, welcome to try it!


Dimension: 420mmx340mmx130mm

Weight: 14kg



Quantum Noise Resonator








This is the very first time a circuit design which is a combination of resonance and Noise and transform into light! The Internal quantum modules is combined with eight resonate channel and a core processor, the engineer detect the power outlet wave type by internal IC, and generates instant synchronous phase distortion compensation which is made for the beautification waveform through precise resonance and reduce phase distortion.


Based on the noise and surges with energy conversion circuit design, it manufactures the difference of noise above 1KHz and make it fall into light energy!


Thus a whole new audio processing technology-QNR has been released, The actual listening experience to the sound system make more sense and focus on, more precise audio clarity, the whole background is black and silence, music is enhanced with more charm and smoothness.


Since TELOS QNR using parallel circuit design, so there is no limitation in power ampere that is caused on traditional series processor, QNR is able to provide high-wattage electricity, no dynamic depression, reduce detail, sound dry, sound field narrow… such side effect caused due to excessive pursuit of power crunch.


This is one audio dedicated power processor that has been developed in perfect balance, and is built for the essential of music, and has spent for years, without any compromise of the actual listening and tuning.


Dimension: 180mmx170mmx40mm

Weight: 1.75kg



TELOS QBT-18 Ultra Bandwidth Fuse








Traditional "audiophile grade" fuses are normally made using different materials for electroplating the surface of the contact area. However, this method directly imposes colorations to the resulting sound.


When replacing fuse, long and tedious duration is required to fully break-in the fuse in order to get the fullest bandwidth. Unfortunately, most of the power consumptions for the equipments out there rarely fully develop the full potential of the fuses.


The key criteria in run-in are signal bandwidth and electrical current. TELOS AUDIO DESIGN pioneered in delivering the industry first technique that combines both high current and 0 – 50 KHz alternating current to run-in fuses. This technique has been applied to German made industrial grade fuses, each fuse that comes out from our factory is run-in using our TELOS QBT run-in machine for 18 hours. Not only that, each fuse will also go through 36 hours of cryogenic treatment to further stabilize the crystal structure of the fuse conductor.


TELOS QBT-18 fuse was born under such promise, to bring the widest bandwidth to your equipments, yet, not changing the true characteristics of the equipments that you so fall in love with.



Telos Quantum Acoustics Diffuser

In the field of Quantum Mechanics, quantum electrodynamics describes the interaction between electromagnetic radiation and matter. According to Maxwell equations, with time varying electric field generates a time varying magnetic field and vice versa.


Therefore, an oscillating electric field will produce a magnetic field oscillation, and an oscillating magnetic field will, in turn, produce an oscillating electric field. Thus, forming electromagnetic wave that is in common phase with the oscillating electric and magnetic fields. The electromagnetic wave will not only exhibit the wave fluctuating nature, it will also display the particle-like nature.


Particle formation created by discrete energy wave packets, also known as quantum wave packet can be absorbed or emitted by the charged particles. Quantum state assumed an important role in this, that is, being the agent for "the transmission of energy."


In nature, there are actually many resonating electromagnetic waves.  The lightning, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, sunspots, the ionosphere all produce natural electromagnetic waves.

Over billions of years, life on Earth has established ingenious ways to coexist naturally with these electromagnetic waves. From some studies, some even call natural electromagnetic waves the fourth source of life, following the sun, air and water.









German scientists found a natural electromagnetic wave which resonates at a frequency lesser than 10 Hz, they named it the Schumann resonance wave. In a separate case, a resonating electromagnetic wave was discovered by surprise. That too, is lesser than 10 Hz, an extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic pulse. These frequencies are so close to the brainwave frequency of human being. Some body tissues even started to show signs of resonance effect.


Extremely low frequency electromagnetic pulse already exists in nature. Sadly, in modern urban cities with concrete buildings and the coverage of high-frequency electromagnetic waves generated by large numbers of electrical appliances, the human living environment gradually lose these natural resonance frequencies.


Human is very sensitive to these natural electromagnetic fields. For example, in sunny weather, the natural electromagnetic field frequency is very similar to the brain’s alpha (a) wave. The brain reveals alpha (a) wave when at sleep or at peace with the surroundings. It is the waveform to induce ease, carefree and cheerfulness. On the other hand, delta (d) wave that appears in cloudy weather often induces repressed feeling of irritability. This is true even when staying indoors, and without the knowledge of outside weather.


In human auditory perception, different frequencies of brain wave will affect the interpretation of voice and sound. When depressed, our natural defense mechanism will cause an acute alertness to the high and low frequencies. Low frequencies will sound tensed, like a large pair of speakers being put in a small space. Extremely low frequency just could not extend low enough, at the same time, greatly reducing the sense of space. This eliminates the sense of airiness so desired in Hi-End equipment. However, in the state of relaxation, music will feel more fluid. Low frequency easily extends into the ears. Details emerge distinctively from improved high frequency.


What TELOS Quantum Diffusor is doing is actually very simple. That is, to create an imitation of natural electromagnetic resonance wave in the listening environment. Unlike the past, we hope that the presence of “pure wave” does not bring undesirable high frequency electromagnetic waves.


Hence, in design, we choose to use the safer low-voltage DC power input. The input will be converted to high-voltage low-current power within the core. With high density grid antenna, paired with high-precision low-distortion resonance wave generator, simulated extremely low frequency electromagnetic wave is radiated uniformly from the Quantum Diffusor.


Coupled with natural wood exterior, the design highly suits Hi-End listening environment. It feels like traditional diffuser, what is different is that it is compact and lightweight in size. Compared to fixing large diffusers, this is definitely economically more desirable.


Dimension: 327mmx237mmx36mm

Weight: 1.05kg